New Vocational Pedagogy

AVCT has developed new practices in Vocational Education in order to arrest the high ‘drop out’ rate in this sector. Recently, Colleges of Further Education have begun to amalgamate into ‘Super’ Colleges which prioritise provision of high status programmes of Study. This has reduced access to Vocational areas such as The Children’s Workforce, Construction, Catering, Health/Social Care, Hairdressing and Beauty. The Young People in our local Communities are finding it increasingly difficult to enrol onto these Study Programmes so we are designing and delivering Educational pathways for them. Funding has been secured to redevelop a former school building into a bespoke Vocational Training Base for Health Care Construction, Catering and Wellness Industries.

The Local Authority is supporting our efforts to develop new learning models and we work with them to raise concerns about the lack of opportunities for young people and the unrealistic apprenticeship entry requirements. Collaborative efforts will be applied in order to influence a strategic response which will meet the needs of the most vulnerable young people.