Education for Equity ~ looking back and moving forward

WEBINAR 29TH APRIL, 2021, 15.00-18.00 CET

The number of young people without completed secondary education has almost doubled in recent years. On an increasingly specialised and globalised labour market these young people face fierce competition and risk ending up either in low paid, unqualified work or experiencing long periods of unemployment. Evidence shows that a low level of education goes hand in hand with poor health, lower life expectancy, an under qualified workforce that is not fit for purpose and an underperforming economy.

These issues were addressed in an Erasmus+ project, Education for Equity, a strategic partnership between organisations in England (AVCT, Liverpool), Germany (BWK, Berlin) and Sweden (UU/ FBA and Celsiusskolan, Uppsala) from 2014-2017. All three partner organisations have competence and experience in working towards social, linguistic & cultural inclusion, and educational achievement for marginalised groups. The project was aimed to develop programmes, teaching styles and methods to address:

  • why students leave school too early
  • what measures can reduce the number of drop-outs
  • what training and professional development is needed to be able to take these measures
  • how schools, communities and the labour market can cooperate successfully.

In our webinar we want to revisit our results and conclusions from the project, but even more discuss where we are now, a few years later, and where we are heading. The world today is facing a number of serious challenges, but we also see hopeful examples of cooperation, solutions, solidarity, hard work for peace, democracy and a healthy, sustainable future. The webinar will contain a short presentation from each partner and then open up for table talks /discussions.

We would like to invite educational professionals who have been involved in the project to attend the webinar; teachers, school leaders, teacher educators, youth and community workers, course directors, policy makers… Also anyone else who is interested in these issues is warmly welcome to attend.

Thursday 29th April, 15.00-18.00 CET. Zoom-room will be announced a day before the event.



Last modified: 2021-04-01