Course in Liverpool, UK, 7-10th November 2016

Making a Difference – achieving positive outcomes for young people in our changing world

Liverpool, UK, 7-10th November 2016

Most of us have been left with a feeling of despondency having witnessed young people becoming disengaged, disaffected and marginalised by Education systems and limited access to Labour markets.

It was this sentiment that brought three partner organisations together to work with the EuropeanUnion’s Erasmus + strategy to seek ways to improve the current context

This unique Professional Development opportunity will share the findings and present successful strategies which improve the learning experience for young people. It will be an inclusive, experiential and stimulating week with a clear focus upon practical responses to challenging issues.

Aims and Objective

  • To explore strategies which can reduce the number of drop outs and early school leavers
  • To share ‘high impact’ examples of good practice which increase student motivation and engagement
  • To enable Professionals in Education to reflect upon current practice and make a difference to the lives of our young people.

Target group

The course has been designed for Professionals in Education who work with young people aged 16-20.


The course will take place in Liverpool, UK.

Further details

If you would like to receive further details please contact Alma Mason,